(Podcast) Episode 015: Montana Calving 2017

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What are some good rules of thumb for calving in Montana? The AgEconMT crew chats with Dr. Rachel Endecott, a Professor and The Beef Cattle Extension specialist in the Department of Animal and Range Sciences, about things to be aware of when calving in Montana. Here are some of the highlights:

Minute 1: Tell us a little about calving here in Montana.

Minute 3: How do you determine proper timing for calving? Is it all natural or by the rancher’s convenience?

Minute 5:15: What are some things ranchers should be considering when it comes calving time? 

Minute 5:50: What is colostrum?

Minute 6:30: What can you do to increase colostrum effectiveness and to ensure the calf gets the best colostrum?

Minute 9:45: How can we identify, monitor, and regulate colostrum?

Minute 10:30: What other things should ranchers look out for and when can they stop monitoring calves so closely? 

Minute 12:  What is scours?

Minute 13:30: Talk a little bit about expansion and contraction as it pertains to beef management.

(Intro and outro music by Trevor Sensor)

(Photo by Viktor_U_Cat is licensed under CC BY 4.0)


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