(Podcast) Episode 013: Montana’s Seed Potato Industry

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Nearly 100% of Montana’s seed potatoes are certified. Dr. Nina Zidak and Dr. Kate Fuller join the AgEconMT crew to discuss Montana’s seed potato industry and the current production concerns┬áthat the industry faces: the potato virus Y. Nina provides a detailed description of how Montana’s seed potato industry works and Kate shares information about the economic implications that potato diseases can have for producers, both in Montana and beyond. Nina and Kate also provide some insights about the research frontiers in the potato sector, with genetically modified potato varieties that are unlike any GM products you’ve likely heard. Grab a basket of french fries and get ready to learn about one of Montana’s hidden agricultural industry gems.

Have any follow up questions for Nina or Kate? Didn’t hear something that you know is a big issue in the northern Great Plains’ seed potato sector? Let us know.

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About Author

Dr. Anton Bekkerman is a former associate professor in the Department of Agricultural Economics and Economics at Montana State University. He currently serves as the director of the New Hampshire Agricultural Experiment Station. Bekkerman's primary areas of research are grain marketing, basis and price forecast modeling, understanding how grain prices are affected by changes in supply chain infrastructures and quality demands, and analyzing the economic trade-offs of adopting alternative dryland cropping systems in Montana. Although Bekkerman grew up on the east coast, he had made a small step toward production agricultural after ranching a flock of six backyard chickens.

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