(Podcast) Episode 011: The 2016 Election Outcome and NGP Agriculture

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Anton Bekkerman and Eric Belasco sit down to chat about the big issues that are on their radars as a result of the 2016 presidential election outcome. They focus on three policy areas: immigration, trade, and domestic policy. How might immigration policy affect the US agricultural labor supply and, potentially, food prices? Are the TPP and NAFTA really a big deal and what other factors might influence international trade? What does a Republican-controlled legislative and executive branches (the first time since the 1954 agricultural policy that a Republicans controlled both branches) mean for the 2018 Farm Bill? Is crop insurance likely to go away or get stronger?

Have you been thinking about how the next four years are going to shape foreign and domestic agricultural policy in the United States? What are questions that you have about the 2018 Farm Bill?

(Intro and outro music by Trevor Sensor)

(Photo by dbking is licensed under CC BY 4.0)


About Author

Dr. Anton Bekkerman is an associate professor in the Department of Agricultural Economics and Economics at Montana State University, joining the faculty in 2009 after completing his PhD at North Carolina State University. Bekkerman's primary areas of research are grain marketing, basis and price forecast modeling, understanding how grain prices are affected by changes in supply chain infrastructures and quality demands, and analyzing the economic trade-offs of adopting alternative dryland cropping systems in Montana. One of his current projects is an investigation of how new grain loading technologies are affecting prices that Montana farmers receive for their wheat. Bekkerman is also examining the economic impacts that Montana's rapidly expanding dry pulse industry will have on the state's crop industry. Although Bekkerman grew up on the east coast, he has recently made a small step toward production agricultural after acquiring three backyard chickens.

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