(Podcast) Episode 007: Spotlight on Diane Charlton

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Anton Bekkerman chats with Dr. Diane Charlton, who discusses labor supply issues in U.S. agriculture and the issues that declining number of Mexican agricultural workers may have on the agricultural industry. As part of the spotlight series, Diane also discusses how she become interested in studying the agricultural labor supply and how her future work will provide a better understanding of the challenges and opportunities for the production agriculture sector to deal with labor availability changes.

Have you run into issues with finding enough labor for your operation? Do you have questions about the potential economic impacts of searching for labor? Leave a comment below or send us a note.

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About Author

Diane Charlton is an assistant professor in the Department of Agricultural Economics and Economics at Montana State University. She received her Ph.D. in agricultural economics from the University of California, Davis. She has done research on agricultural labor markets in Mexico and the United States along with researching the determinants of migration. She never tires of talking about agriculture with her sister and brother-in-law from their almond orchard in the Central Valley of California, and she is looking forward to learning more about and researching agricultural production in Montana and the northern Great Plains.

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