(Podcast) Episode 003: Spotlight on Joel Schumacher

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Today Anton Bekkerman interviews and helps listeners get to know Joel Schumacher, an extension economics associate specialist in the Department of Agricultural Economics and Economics at Montana State University and a regular contributor to the AgEconMT.com outreach website.

Joel discusses his general research and extension interests, including personal finance and alternative energy. He also describes two of his current research projects: the Montana Poverty Report Card project and the Montana Beef-to-School program. Joel’s on-going and future work will focus on personal finance through the Solid Finances work, in which Joel develops and delivers regular webinars. He is excited to contribute to another avenue in which Montana State University researchers and extension specialists can deliver information to those for whom this information is most important.

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About Author

Dr. Anton Bekkerman is an associate professor in the Department of Agricultural Economics and Economics at Montana State University, joining the faculty in 2009 after completing his PhD at North Carolina State University. Bekkerman's primary areas of research are grain marketing, basis and price forecast modeling, understanding how grain prices are affected by changes in supply chain infrastructures and quality demands, and analyzing the economic trade-offs of adopting alternative dryland cropping systems in Montana. One of his current projects is an investigation of how new grain loading technologies are affecting prices that Montana farmers receive for their wheat. Bekkerman is also examining the economic impacts that Montana's rapidly expanding dry pulse industry will have on the state's crop industry. Although Bekkerman grew up on the east coast, he has recently made a small step toward production agricultural after acquiring three backyard chickens.

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